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About Enerset Power Solutions


Enerset Power Solutions designs, procures and integrates industrial power solutions and power distribution equipment.

An Integrated Approach to Industrial Power Solutions

A quality-driven organization, Enerset Power Solutions is ISO 9001-2008 certified and follows a proven, integrated approach that includes engineering, procurement, logistics and field and post-sale servicing. We design across-the-board voltage packages, distribution and control buildings and power and automation solutions. Coordinating your turnkey project, we provide inspection and customer witness testing services, data books, packing, logistics and shipping coordination. In the field and post-sale, we provide warranty coordination and support as well as the start-up and commissioning of our industrial power solutions and power distribution equipment.

Enerset Power Solutions

T&D and Gas Compression Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and partner with the most advanced and reliable manufacturers to deliver power transmission and distribution and gas compression solutions to customers worldwide. Our highly experience team of experts is committed to safe work practices and unmatched customer service to provide efficient, reliable and flexible power transmission. For completely tailored solutions that meet your cost, turnaround time and carbon footprint challenges, please contact us today.