disconnect switch, gas insulated switchgear

High Voltage Products & Solutions


Enerset Power Solutions offers a wide range of innovative high-voltage products.

EPS specialized in providing high voltage solutions catered to the needs of the energy sector across the US, Central and South America. Our products and solutions have minimal environmental impact, while enhancing the reliability, efficiency and quality of the power produced.

EPS’ high voltage products solutions are certified to meet IEC or ANSI standard according to the project preference or local regulations. 

Enerset Power Solutions’ high voltage product lines are combined with our in-house engineering capabilities and in-the-field expertise to produce a fully integrated solution. 

Enerset Power Solutions' high voltage products include: 

  • Dead Tank Circuit Breaker:
    • 72.5Kv, 123Kv, 245Kv, 550Kv
  • Live Tank Circuit Breaker:
    • 72.5 Kv, 145 Kv, I70Kv, 245Kv to 800Kv
  • Disconnector Switch:
    • Center Break
    • Double side break
    • Knee Type
    • Pantograph
    • Vertical Break
    • Gas Insulated S/E - 72.5Kv, 170Kv, 300Kv, 550Kv
    • Instrument Transformers:
      • Capacitor Voltage Transformer
      • Combined Metering Unit
      • Voltage Transformer
      • Digital Instrument Transformer
      • Power Transformer:
        • Conventional Power Transformer
        • Generator Step-up
        • Oil Immerse Reactor
        • Transformer Monitoring System
  • Protection Relay:
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Motor Protection
    • Generator Protection
    • DSLR and Interconnection Protection
    • Distance Protection
    • Line Differential and Phase Comparison
    • Transformer Protection and Control
    • Busbar Differential
    • Circuit Breaker Failure
    • Network Stability
    • Voltage and Frequency
    • Rail Protection
    • HIgh Impedance and Restricted Earthfault and Busbar Protection
    • Autoreclose and Check Synchronism
    • Auxiliaries, Trip Relay, Timer
  • Transmission Cable:
    • Alumoweld
    • ACC
    • ACSR
    • AW