Medium Voltage Products & Solutions


Enerset Power Solutions offers a large product range of low voltage products to the energy sector across the US, Central and South America. 

EPS’ low voltage solutions are certified to meet IEC or ANSI standard according to the project preference or local regulations. 

EPS’ low voltage product lines are combined with our in-house engineering capabilities and in-the -field expertise to produce a fully integrated solution. 

Enerset Power Solutions' low voltage products include:

  • Air Insulated Switchgear:
    • 5.5 Kv,15Kv,24Kv,38Kv
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear:
    • 24Kv up to 2500A, 25KA
    • 40.5Kv up to 2500A, 31.5KA
    • 52Kv up to 2000A, 25KA
  • Disconnector Switch:
    • Panel Mounted
    • Pole Mounted
    • Distribution Transformer:
      • Pad Mounted
      • Pole Mounted
      • Sub Station Type
      • Motor Starter:
        • 4.16KV, 15KV
  • Protection Relay:
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Motor Protection
    • Generator Protection
    • Line Differential and Phase Comparison
    • Transformer Protection and Control
    • Busbar Differential
    • Circuit Breaker Failure
    • High Impedance Restricted Earthfault
    • Busbar Protection
    • Autoreclose and Check Synchronism
    • Auxiliaries, Trip relay, timer
  • Cable:
    • Power / Armored
    • Grounding