mobile substation

Mobile Substation


Our mobile substation is a rapid and convenient solution to add temporary power or sustain power demand.

A fully-equipped electrical substation, the mobile substation or portable substation is designed to be a multi-purpose package delivering maximum MVA for allowable weight and size. Depending on selected features and configuration, the mobile substation can be mounted on one or more semi-trailers. Performance and design criteria vary considerably from those of a conventional substation.

Enerset Power Solutions Mobile Substation Features

  • Circuitry is more complicated to meet a variety of operating situations.
  • Mobile substations operate at a higher power density than stationary units, therefore losses are higher. Utilities use a mobile substation only until a suitable stationary unit is obtained.
  • Range is from 5MVA up to 100MVA, with voltages no higher than 245KV.
  • A typical mobile substation includes the semi-trailer/s, switchgear, breakers, emergency or station power supply, protection and control, a compact high-power-density transformer and enhanced cooling capability.

Mobile Substation or Portable Substation Applications

Offering unique flexibility, mobile substations or portable substations can be switched relatively easily from one task to another and used for the following purposes:

  • Within existing substations (emergency backup power systems)
  • Refurbishment, maintenance or repair of existing substations
  • Equipment failure for substations without spare capacity
  • Power supply during main equipment failure or natural disasters (fire, flood, transmission line freeze) when quick replacement is not available
  • Standby supply for peak loads in areas where power demand expands further than the planned increase in main system capacity (backup electrical power systems)
  • Power supply while a permanent substation is under construction, which could take two to three years (temporary service)
  • Primary power supply in isolated areas (new service)

Key Advantages of Our Mobile Substation

One of our strengths in transmission and distribution solutions, a mobile substation from Enerset Power Solutions offers:

  • Rapid deployment and completion within six to eight months
  • A “plug-and-play” solution that is quickly assembled onsite and ready to perform within a few hours
  • A compact design that does not require special civil works
  • Up to a 60% smaller footprint than a conventional substation
  • Compliance with ANSI or IEC standards

One of the most important aspects of any mobile substation is its ability to be used in a wider range of voltages. Enerset Power Solutions can provide a mobile substation with two or even three voltage ratings in the low voltage side of the substation, and dual voltages in the high voltage side of the unit. This configuration provides a higher level of complexity in the protection and control scheme and in monitoring equipment.