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From electrical equipment centers to substation equipment, our power transmission and distribution solutions meet your unique requirements with precision.

At Enerset Power Solutions, our niche competency is multiple voltage level applications in prefabricated modular substations and mobile substations. We also provide power house electrical equipment centers with a wide range of configurations and electrical component options. Through strategic joint ventures and OEM relationships with different manufacturers, we are able to provide our world-class quality systems and products at very competitive pricing.

Electrical Equipment Centers

Designed to protect critical electrical systems and power distribution equipment during operation, our electrical equipment centers eliminate the need to work with multiple vendors and offer faster installation and significant cost savings.

Modular Substations 

Substation equipment designed for large industrial users of electrical power, our prefabricated high voltage modular substations offer numerous advantages and can provide power in half the time of a typical substation.

Mobile Substations

For a rapidly-deployed plug and play solution, our mobile substations offer unique flexibility for a variety of emergency, backup, temporary or ongoing applications and can be used in a wider range of voltages.