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Substation Power Transformers


High-efficiency substation power transformers from Enerset Power Solutions are easily transported and installed.

Our Substation Transformers 

Using 3D modeling and HiB grade silicon steel, Enerset Power Solutions offers substation power transformers that feature a compact design and high efficiency. 

Product Specifications

  • Maximum voltage and MVA - Up to 138 kV and 100 MVA
  • Tap changer type - Off load and load tap changers
  • Available fluids - Mineral oil, silicon oil and FR3 (vegetable oil)
  • Standards - ANSI, IEEE, NEMA and IEC

Features of Enerset Power Solutions Substation Transformers 

  • High efficiency design - TP1
  • Special ambient design
  • Low sound level design
  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz design
  • K-factor rating
  • Network type transformers